Discover the 2023 CVO Street Glide at Harley-Davidson of Glendale

Discover the 2023 CVO Street Glide at Harley-Davidson of Glendale

Welcome to the epitome of motorcycle luxury with the 2023 CVO Street Glide, now featured in the illustrious showroom of Harley-Davidson of Glendale, Los Angeles, California. The elegance of the Whiskey Neat color is a vision that promises a second look from every passerby.

Liam, our knowledgeable enthusiast, eagerly unveils the myriad innovative features inherent in this magnificent model. The Street Glide, boasting a robust 121 cubic inch motor and a groundbreaking variable valve timing setup, promises not merely a ride but an exhilarating dance of power and speed.

Cooling Comfort and Revolutionary Design:

The 2023 model proudly displays its newly conceptualized air vent, aptly named by Liam as the “Harley air conditioning,” a godsend for those traversing under the radiant California sun. Revolutionary is the new fork setup, integrating inverted forks comparable to the low rider S, paired with an adjustable rear suspension fortified with twin shocks on the side—adding an extra inch of travel.

Superior Sound and Storage Solutions:

The model’s enhancements include commodious bags and a sleek sound system, ensuring the rider enjoys the high-quality sound while benefiting from additional storage. Whether embarking on a brief city excursion or a prolonged inter-state journey, premium sound and convenience accompany the rider.

A Visual and Mechanical Masterpiece:

The Street Glide transcends functionality; it's a visual and mechanical symphony, turning every journey into a cherished experience and every stationary moment into a visual feast.

Experience the Marvel:

Harley-Davidson of Glendale extends a warm invitation to all motorcycle aficionados to experience this mechanical marvel. Liam awaits, prepared to immerse you in the sublime details and allow you a tactile encounter with the model. The allure of this masterpiece, far more entrancing in person, awaits your presence at Harley-Davidson of Glendale, Los Angeles, California. We eagerly anticipate your visit!



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