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Whether you’re just getting started or just brushing up, learn the skills you need to ride with confidence. We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of riders achieve their dreams, let us help you too. Learn more about our Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy motorcycle training courses and find a class today.

Harley-Davidson® 101 Of Glendale


Never ridden before? Want to get your license? The New Rider Course will lead you through the steps to learn to ride a motorcycle and get you on the road.


Harley-Davidson® 101 Of Glendale


Learn to ride on a genuine Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.

  • Instructors certified by California Motorcyclist Safety Program (CMSP) and H-D® Riding Academy
  • Learn to safely accelerate, shift, brake, and turn.
  • Earn a Certificate of Completion of Motorcycle Training (DL389)

Embark on Your Riding Journey with Confidence at the Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy - Now Available at Harley-Davidson® of Glendale, California

Have you ever dreamed of hitting the open road on a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, feeling the wind in your hair and the thrill of the ride? The Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy, offered at Harley-Davidson® of Glendale near Los Angeles and Burbank, is your gateway to turning that dream into reality. Our comprehensive new rider training course is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to embark on a lifelong journey of freedom on two wheels.

Learn from the Best:

At Harley-Davidson® of Glendale, we understand that becoming a confident and skilled rider starts with quality education. That's why our Riding Academy instructors are certified by Harley-Davidson®, ensuring that you receive instruction from professionals who are not only passionate about riding but are also experts in teaching the art of motorcycling. Benefit from their wealth of experience and knowledge as they guide you through every step of your learning journey.

Comprehensive Classroom and Riding Sessions:

The Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy at Harley-Davidson® of Glendale combines classroom sessions with practical riding exercises to provide a well-rounded learning experience. Our curriculum covers everything from motorcycle controls and basic maneuvers to defensive riding strategies and group riding etiquette. You'll gain a deep understanding of the principles of motorcycling, equipping you with the skills to confidently handle a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.

Comfortable Learning Environment:

Our state-of-the-art training facility in Glendale, California, provides a comfortable and supportive environment for learning. From well-equipped classrooms to spacious riding areas, we've created a setting that fosters a positive and engaging learning experience. Whether you're a complete novice or someone looking to enhance your existing riding skills, our Riding Academy is tailored to meet your needs.

Top-of-the-Line Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles:

Experience the thrill of learning to ride on top-of-the-line Harley-Davidson® motorcycles provided by Harley-Davidson® of Glendale. Our fleet of well-maintained bikes ensures that you train on the same iconic machines that have defined the Harley-Davidson® legacy. This hands-on experience allows you to familiarize yourself with the power, handling, and style of these legendary motorcycles.

Convenient Location for Los Angeles and Burbank Residents:

Situated in Glendale, California, our dealership is easily accessible for residents of Los Angeles, Burbank, and the surrounding areas. Whether you're a local enthusiast or traveling from nearby cities, our Riding Academy is conveniently located to accommodate riders from various communities.

Gear Up with Confidence:

The Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy not only equips you with riding skills but also introduces you to the importance of proper riding gear. Learn about essential safety gear, including helmets, jackets, gloves, and boots, and discover how the right gear enhances your riding experience and protects you on the road.

Book Your Spot Today:

Ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime? Book your spot in the Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy at Harley-Davidson® of Glendale. Whether you're a first-time rider or looking to refine your skills, our training course is designed to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to hit the road on a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. Your adventure begins with the Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy. Enroll today and let the freedom of the open road become your reality!


A government issued Photo ID (CA ID Card, Drivers License, Passport) and the ability to ride a bicycle.

Students will ride Harley-Davidson X-350 model motorcycles for this class. The motorcycles have been slightly modified for a better training experience.

The classroom portion of the Riding Academy has been moved to an online Zoom setting. The riding range is at the Glendale Civic Auditorium: 1401 North Verdugo Road Glendale, CA

If you need any help enrolling through the online process please contact us at RIDINGACADEMY@GLENDALEHARLEY.NET